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Just had this crazy story from a subscriber called Luke Shawn in the US.

And since it’s not every day I get a story as detailed and wild as this so I thought I’d share it with you…

*****My girlfriend used to joke about my “skinny” manhood… Now she’s going CRAZY at how big & thick I feel inside her!*****

“Hey Jack I’ve been getting your emails for a few years now and really love them.

In fact I read one the other day where you referred a certain 5g Alpha Male “supplement” for guys who want stronger, more powerful hard ons

I ordered it, right away and have been using it for about a month, and wanted to share my experience of taking it with you, as I thought it might help other guys in the same position

Here’s my story…

First of all, I’m only 26. So, I’ve never had much a serious problem “getting it up.” However, I knew there was definitely room to improve.

Sometimes, for whatever reason I’d “lose it” during sex. And feel myself growing softer and then despite my greatest efforts, going limp like a wet noodle.

Not good for my male ego, and even worse for my girlfriend’s ego:

“Don’t I turn you on anymore? Don’t you find me attractive?” She’d say…

I’d assure her that it had nothing to do with her (the classic: it’s not you, it’s me routine), but who actually believes that when someone tells us that?

I knew I wanted to try something to help this unfortunate issue, and when I saw 5G Alpha Male pill contained only natural ingredients, I decided to give it a try.

My girlfriend laughed at first.

She thought the idea of me taking supplements for my “man parts” pretty ridiculous.

But she soon stopped laughing (and started getting VERY happy) as you’ll see. Here’s what happened:

In the first week of taking it…

I didn’t sense much of an increase in the strength of my erections for the first few days. And I was about to “call it quits” when… as the week went on… I started to notice a change in the way I was ejacul*ting. It felt stronger, more powerful.

And the sensation started to become a lot more pleasurable. This is amazing, I thought.

Like I said, lack of hard-ons wasn’t a big problem for me, so these powerfully intense orgasms felt great, and made it worth taking…

But the REAL changes happened in weeks 2 and 3….

That’s when I began to feel harder. Stronger. My girlfriend began to notice:

“Wow baby, it definitely does feel different. You’re getting in there deeper than you’ve ever been.”

That definitely made me smile. On top of how much better it was making me feel through my strong and powerful loads, it began to improve her experience in the bedroom as well.

I started to look forward to my morning pill more and more.

By week 4: I began to see the most noticeable improvements. I was getting MUCH thicker hard-ons. The girth of my member visible expanded.

To this day, my girlfriend jokingly asks for my “Superc*ck” and jokes about how skinny my “Johnson” was before.

I get FAR more stronger, more intense orgasms for me and my girlfriend.

When I “cum” now it feels so much more powerful, and my girlfriend’s orgasms are so extreme she’s scratching the heck out of my back. lol.

And, the benefit I never would’ve expected, is the EXTREME increase in energy.

I’m so much more active now, making it out of the house and able to accomplish more in the same amount of time. And of course, this helps fuel our near-nightly sex sessions.

It’s been a beautiful change, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back.”


Great story Luke thanks for sending that in!

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Talk soon

Jack Slade

P.S. I hope you enjoyed Luke’s story.

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5G Male Plus Review

5G Male Plus Review

5G Male

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